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Firefox was once part of a browsing-suite called “Mozilla”. This suite was an unpolished gem, only known by a small group of enthousiasts. Needles to say that PimpZilla was developed to help this mozilla-gem gain it’s full bling-potential.

See how PimpZilla has evolved over the years

2002 2004 Now
PimpZilla 1.0

PimpZilla 1.0 introduced the basic textures that would be used in all future incarnations of the theme: white fur and leopard skin. Remember, this was the time when internet explorer 4.0 reigned supreme and Windows computers still had boring gray backgrounds.

PimpZilla ripenes like a fine wine

PimpZilla ripenes

The years have been good for PimpZilla. It’s design has ripened like a good wine (or perhaps even a good champagne) making it even more sophisticated and refined.

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Stay on toppa thangs: check the install page for the latest beta-release. This page features the latest design-changes.

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Official releases are distributed via Previous versions of Pimpzilla are located there, including versions comments.