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How to pimp

Pimps are also known as "macks" and often refer to their business as "the game". Keep your pimphand way strong and show your colleagues that you are a force to be reckoned with. Elevate your game by using them tips here on how to become a true P.I.M.P.
get yourself a ho

Get yourself a ho

It is physically impossible to be a pimp without owning a ho. Owning a ho is what constitutes being a pimp. The two go hand in hand, like sheep and marmelade. You gotta go out and find a ho yourself. And no, your barbie-collection wonít suffice, and nor does your mom.

Isaac Hayes

Talk tha talk

Do not go out pimpiní sounding like a smurf. If you wanna be the mack, be sure to sound the mack. The only things u will ever need to say anyway are:
- "Bitch, you know what I want."
- "Where's my money?"
- "It is my duty to please that booty."

stick it to the man

Stick it to the man

Watch your back & stay on track cuz the man is watching! Stickiní it to the man doesnít neccasarily mean beating up your boss at the parking lot though. Refuse to follow his rules. Let nobody tell you how what to wear, how to act or even how to browse. Can you dig it? Damn right!

All time Pimp Essentials

Get a cool sounding name
You will want to take on a name that mothafuckas will respect and remember. My name for instance is Bischop Don Marco Flash. You betta recognize!

Dress tha part
People will never know that you're a pimp unless you look like one. Image the Fonz in a fur coat with a perm: thatís pretty pimp.


Pimp your ride
Any car from a seventies cop-show will do. (in mint condition & accesorised with fur). Add some hydraulics, and youíll be pimpiníin no time.

Act a baller: play tha game
It's as easy as texas holdem man. Chicks dig the cars not bikes or trucks. Read my lips. Chicks dig the car. Dig it noob?


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