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Get your freak on

If you want to experience browsing like royalty, try using this theme. Enjoy the admiring looks you will get when you have the coolest looking computer in the office. It's not proven, but PimpZilla will probably even enhance your love life.

Elevate your game

Such a fly cat such as yourself will need a browser that mofo's will respect and remember. Show 'emm who's boss by exhuming sheer computerwealth. The pimpzilla theme isn't just a fancy theme to impress the herd, it's a state of mind.

Browse like a king

It is a well hidden secret that African royalty prefer leopard print above the color gray. Do as the mighty kings of Africa do and release yourself of your colourless browser. Add some funk to your computer experience by installing PimpZilla.

It's just fly

PimpZilla's look is actually very minimalistic by nature. It's design is very pleasing to the eyes without any compromise towards uasability. PimpZilla isn't just designed for the sake of design, but it is made to enhance your browsing.

How to install PimpZilla

Step 1
Consider if you can handle the enormous responsibilities you'll have being a serious style-evangelist. People will come to look up to you as the man.


Step 2
If you think you can walk the walk, talk the talk, you should euh... browse the browse by installing your free copy of PimpZilla at


Step 3
Reward yourself for a succesfull install by secrectly pleasuring yourself underneath your desk.

If you feel brave, you could always install the latest PimpZilla beta